• House White - Orso Bruno Bianco, Italy

    175ml £6.95 / 250ml £7.95 / Bottle £22.50

    A careful blend of Trebbiano and Chardonnay grapes which produces a leanm crisp flavour.

  • Fiano Benevento, Italy

    175ml £7.95 / 250ml £8.95 / Bottle £22.95

    Straw yellow in colour, the aromas has intense & persistent floral notes & hints of white peach, exotic fruits & a hint of hazelnut.

  • Sauvignon Blanc, Italy

    175ml £7.50 / 250ml £8.50 / Bottle £23.50
    A dry white that is full tropical fruit aromas of melon, pineapple & passion fruit, with lemon & grapefruit nuances.
  • Buzbag White, Turkey (Recommended)

    175ml £8.50 / 250ml £9.50 / Bottle £24.95
    With a noise of lemon flower & freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, Buzbag Emir - Narince leaves lychee, apricot aromas on palate.
  • Pinot Grigio, Italy

    175ml £8.50 / 250ml £9.50 / Bottle £26.00
    A delightful bouquet of acacia flowers & green apple with a minerality & savouriness that is carried throughout the palate. Impressively fresh & intense.
  • Jarrah Wood Semillon Chardonnay, South Eastern Australia

    175ml £8.50 / 250ml £9.50 / Bottle £29.50

    A great blend from this Aussia white wine. It has a refreshing, dry style with lively citrus-fruit characters and a crisp finish.

  • Cankaya, Turkey

    Bottle £29.95

    Pronounced itrus and white fruits, lively, crisp acidity and intense fruit flavours.

  • Amatore Bianco Verona, Italy

    Bottle £28.00

    A beautiful straw-yellow colour with intense citrus and tropical fruit aromas.

  • Nepenthe Altitude Chardonnay, South Australia

    Bottle £29.00

    A fresh and elegant wine with pure fruit flavours of nectaring enhanced by crisp citrus acidity and a long, dry finish.

  • Victoria Park Chardonnay (VE), South Australia

    Bottle £29.00

    Pale colour with a sumptuous nose of honeydew leading into a palate of peaches and stone fruit.

  • Gavi di Gavi, Italy

    Bottle £29.95
    Straw yellow colour, fragrance of flowers & fruit with a hint of peach. Full & rich, soft & harmonious as a result of the complete.


  • House Red - Orso Bruno Rosso Vino, Italy

    175ml £7.50 / 250ml £8.00 / Bottle £22.95

    Spiced red berry aromas and flavours that include raspberry and cherry.

  • Luna Azul Merlot, Chile

    175ml £7.50 / 250ml £8.00 / Bottle £22.95

    This attractive Merlot displays varietal aromas of cassis and liquorice. The palate is freshly and mouth filling with flavours of plum, weet spice and a hint of chocolate.

  • Ephesus Red, Turkey

    175ml £8.50 / 250ml £9.50 / Bottle £27.00
    Pronounced with dark red fruit aromas: sour cherry, red plum on the nose, well-balanced & round, soft tannins with long lasting fruit flavours on palete.
  • Shiraz Dacastello, South Africa

    175ml £8.60 / 250ml £9.50 / Bottle £27.00
    A full & intense red with notes of blackberries & raspberries with hints of black pepper, cocoa & vanilla.
  • Patriarche Pere Et Fils Merlot, France

    Bottle £30.00

    A great example of Merlot; black fruit aromas with a hint of plums, silky flavours that are well rounded with good tannins and great lenght.

  • Villa Doluca Red, Turkey

    Bottle £26.00
    Fruity, smooth & complex characteristics, it goes well with Turkish kebabs
  • Ensedune Malbec, France

    Bottle £27.95

    A brilliant ruby-red colour. The nose presents aromas wwith fruity ( cherry and raspberry) and floral ( liquorice and peony) notes. A wine that is smooth and balanced on the palate.

  • Faustino Rivero Reserva D.O.Ca Rioja, Spain

    Bottle £30.00

    Aged in medium-toasted American oak casks for two years. It has very rich aromas.

  • Yakut, Kavaklidere, Turkey (recommended)

    Bottle £30.50
    Yakut, the favourite red wine of Turkey. Red wine with rich aroma character very well balanced with soft flavours of cherry & ripe tannins.


  • Primi Soli Pinot Grigio Rosé, Italy

    175ml £8.00 / 250ml £9.00 / Bottle £26.00
    Off-dry, light & fresh, high altitude vineyards contribute characters of morel cherry & strawberry freshness.
  • Monterey Bay White Zinf&el, California

    175ml £8.50 / 250ml £9.50 / Bottle £27.00
    Fresh summer-fruit flavours & lively acidit. Medium-bodied to appeal to most palates, California’s own Zinf&el.
  • Kayra Kalecik Karasi Rosé, Turkey (recommended)

    Bottle £27.00
    This rose wine exhibits ripe strawberry, raspberry, orange blossom, jasmine & vanilla on the nose & concentrated fresh fruit flavours on the palate.


  • Altin Kopuk Kavaklidere, Turkey

    250ml £8.00 / Bottle £33.00
    Altin Kopuk is the first natural sparkling wine of Turkey. It is fine, elegant & persistent, full bodied & rich in flavours.
  • Magnifico Bay White Zinfandel, Italy

    Bottle £30.00

    A beautiful, straww-yellow colour with aromas of apples and pears. Fresh, fragrant and fruity.

  • Prosecco Dogarina Treviso DOC, Italy

    Bottle £36.00
    Light & lively, with ripe pears & lemons rounded off with a hint of sweetness
  • Moet & Ch&on Brut Imperial Champagne, France

    Bottle £69.00
    A well known blend of older reserves with young wines to ensure a consistency of this flowery aroma & warm biscuit hints.