All soup are served with fresh Turkish bread

  • Soup of the day


    Please ask your waiter for today’s soups


  • Humus

    Crushed chickpeas with lemon juice and a hint of garlic
  • Mucver


    Shredded zucchini, carrot, onion, fresh herbs

  • Cacık

    Diced cucumbers with creamy yoghurt, mint and a hint of garlic
  • Kısır

    Crushed wheat, celery, mint, herbs and tomato sauce
  • Şakşuka


    Sauteed aubergine with potatoes in a tomato and onion sauce

  • Sarma

    Stuffed vine leaves with rice, pine kernels and black currant served with yoghurt
  • Tarama

    Cured roe of cod
  • Olives

    Mix of green and black olives marinated in herbs and olive oi
  • Beetroot


    Beetroor, thyme, olive oil and yoghurt

  • Feta Cheese

    Turkish feta cheese with lettuce, tomato and cucumber
  • Mixed Cold Meze


    Humus, Cacık, Kısır, Beetroot & Şakşuka


  • BBQ Wings


    Cool fired wings, homemade bbq glazed sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds

  • Falafel

    Deep fried combination of crushed chickpeas, broad beans & vegetable fritters served with hummus
  • Grilled Halloumi

    Grilled Cyprus cheese
  • Garlic Mushrooms

    Fresh mushrooms with a hint of garlic butter
  • Hummus Kavurma

    Traditional hummus, topped with finely diced tender sautéed lamb
  • Calamari

    Fried squid served with rocket and tartar sauce
  • King Prawns

    Pan cooked king prawns in our special house sauce, served with fresh rocket salad
  • White Bait

    Served with fresh rocket salad
  • Sigara Böreği

    Rolled pastry filled with feta cheese
  • Sucuk

    Grilled spicy Turkish sausage
  • Mitti Köfte

    Chef’s speciality; meatballs of minced lamb & herbs
  • Arnavut Ciğeri

    Pan fried lambs liver served with red onions and parsley
  • Lahmacun

    A very thin Turkish pizza covered with seasoned minced lamb and onion
  • Mixed Hot Meze


    Falafel, Grilled Halloumi, Calamari, Sucuk & Sigara Boregi